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          • Transform outdated technology to create green steel

            The dilapidated and backward technological level not only consumes a lot of resources, but also causes a lot of environmental pollution. Wantai uses technological transformation and technological upgrading to realize solid waste recycling and water recycling, develop a circular economy, realize energy saving and emission reduction, and create "green steel". .

            Invest 600 million yuan to implement energy-saving and environmental protection technological transformation projects for the original-scale steelmaking and rolling production lines.

          • Realize online networking and increase monitoring

            The company installs on-line detection devices for the environmental protection equipment that has been built to grasp the discharge of main pollutants inside the company and the environmental quality of the factory and surrounding areas in real time. At the same time, combined with the manual monitoring of the safety and environmental protection department, the two-pronged approach can more effectively monitor the company's environment.

          Increase investment in environmental protection, improve energy conservation and emission reduction

          The development concept of scientific and environmental protection has become our company's call for the development of circular economy. Based on the normalization of environmental protection, we demonstrate corporate social responsibility, increase investment in environmental protection equipment and facilities, and update with advanced, efficient, energy-saving, water-saving and pollution prevention technology. Renovate dilapidated and backward equipment and facilities, continuously improve its environmental protection capabilities, achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction, seize new opportunities, and adapt to new requirements.

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