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        1. Wantai Special Steel quality testing equipment is mainly from Germany, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shandong and other guaranteed facilities to make the quality testing operation in a good state.

          Wantai Special Steel quality inspection team, with rich experience and rigorous work, cooperates to build a quality inspection system for Wantai Special Steel to ensure product quality. Running in good condition.

          • Perfect quality management system

          • Professional testing methods

          • Advanced testing equipment

          • Professional quality engineer

          • Perfect quality management system

            In 2013, it passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification. Wantai Special Steel carefully studied the ISO9001 international quality management system, and built its own quality management system based on the successful experience of Shagang and Baosteel:

            • Every level is checked, and the current quality inspection of Wantai Special Steel has been checked at all levels to ensure quality;

            • Monitoring measures, establishing company supervision, internal self-supervision and other tripartite supervision mechanisms;

            • Formulate inspection specifications and inspection procedures, currently mainly quoting national standards and specifications;

            • Product quality spot check and inspection: Strengthen product quality inspection within the company; at the same time, the company often goes to Shanghai Institute of Materials Research, Beijing Academy of Coal Research and other national authoritative institutions for comparative spot check and inspection.

            • The company's laboratory has passed the CNAS national laboratory standard certification.

          • Professional inspection method

            • Sampling location and sample preparation for mechanical properties test of steel and steel products (GB/T2975-1998)

            • Carbon turbulent steel and medium-low alloy steel multi-element determination spark discharge atomic emission spectrometry analysis method (GB/T4336-2002)

            • The allowable deviation of the chemical composition of the finished steel (GB/T222-2006)

            • Billet inspection implementation standard YB/T2011-2004

            • Hot rolled ribbed steel bars implementation standard GB/T1499.2-2018

            • Hot-rolled round steel bar implementation standard CB/T1499.1-2017

            • Steel bar bending and reverse bending test method GB/T5126-2003

            • General requirements for section steel acceptance, packaging, marking and quality certificate GB/T2010-2008

            • Metallographic inspection method. According to GB/T224-2008 "Decarburization layer depth measurement method of steel" GB/T6394-2002<Metal average grain size measurement method. GB/T13298-1991<Metal microstructure inspection method". GB/T10561-2005<Determination of the content of non-metallic inclusions in steel, standard grading chart microscopic inspection method"

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